Politics is not a spectator sport- let us know how you’d like to get involved!

Canvassing Opportunities for the Spring 2023 election

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Once you sign up, you will get a call from an Organizer to talk about the ways you get involved with the WisDems to make sure Wisconsin gets out to vote in the Spring 2023 elections, goes blue in 2024 & beyond!

We need all hands on deck to help create the long-term changes we are all hoping to see. Join the movement now!

We have a range of activities that are vital to setting us up for success & building long-lasting infrastructure in Wisconsin. No matter your experience level, we are happy to give you the support and training you need.


Join party leadership!

We want to work with you to turn Brown County blue! We have lots of opportunities to join a party committee, caucus, or team in whatever way works best for you. Email info@browncountydems.com to ask about party leadership opportunities.

Dems under 40 have a variety of youth-led groups affiliated with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. We are always looking for Young Dems to start local chapters of:  

• College Democrats – Organizes students at local college campuses and leads voter registration drives.

• High School Democrats – Engages high school students in local school districts and organizes voter registration drives.

Young Democrats – For members under 40 to network peers, lead voter registration drives, and turn out the youth vote.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has a series of caucuses started by members that you can join. Learn more about them here.  

• American Indian Caucus
• Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus
• Black Caucus
• Disability Caucus
• Environmental Caucus
• Labor Caucus
• Latino Caucus
• LGBT Caucus
• Progressive Caucus
• Rural Caucus
• Veterans Caucus
• Women’s Caucus