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Unfortunately, there seems to be an open season on campaign sign theft. Many people are talking about how their Biden and other Democratic campaign signs are being stolen.

This is a Class A Misdemeanor under 943.20(1)(a) of the Wisconsin State Statutes. These thefts should be reported to your local police (Non-emergency number). Unless you know who has stolen it, they probably have bigger crimes to attend to. But if they get enough complaints they may keep an eye out for it.

Researching the internet, here are some things you can do that may help:

Position signs near house, lights, and windows.

Place American flag(s) nearby or better yet secured to your yard sign

Apply along edges something non-toxic that is sticky honey, TangleFoot

Secure with landscape spikes

Run a fishing wire through and attach to spikes

Set up a Trail Cam

Set up Motion Detector lights