Voter Support Volunteer Opportunities


Want to help with Voter Registration?

Looking for a flexible, worthwhile community project? COVO teams can use help on all of its teams.

Here's a quick review of COVO teams can use your help!

-Voter ID Team hangs informational posters and canvasses at area community sites to identify folks who need voter ID help.

-Voting Advocates of Brown County Team assists with voter registration at high schools, colleges, libraries and other community sites.

-The National Voter Registration Day Team will coordinate events for September 25.

-Think Tank Team discusses new ideas for voting, including yours.

-SimVoteWI Team walks new and minority voters through a simulated polling place.

-Colleges Team works with all 3 Brown County Colleges to help with registration and Voter IDs, and works with student groups to run their own registration events.

Our goal is to increase the number of educated voters in Brown County.

Sally Sieber, Co-leader                               Tom & Joyce Beyer, Co-leaders Hobart WI Green Bay WI
920.869.3430                                               920.865.7420