Outreach Team

The Outreach Team hopes to attract anyone interested in additional activism between elections. We plan to build our framework and organizational capacities to eliminate the “dead zone” of inactivity that commonly occurs between campaign seasons so that we can stay engaged and active in our communities year-round. The Outreach Team is a welcoming port of entry for anyone interested in getting involved! Email outreach@browncountydems.com to get started.


Now that the Midterms are over, the Coordinated Campaign Regional Teams can transition into the Brown County Democratic Party’s Outreach Team Specific Engagement Groups to reach out to focus communities, issues-based organizations, and neighborhood teams.

  • Recruit members to build capacity
  • Build networks to issue organizations, minority communities and rural communities.
  • Determine Focus Team leaders (and members)
  • Form Action Team for rapid response to current issues
  • Develop events or presentations regarding team focus areas and related issues.

Engagement Groups

  • Minority Communities (Scott B)
  • Rural Outreach (Marge Y)
  • Young Dems
  • Neighborhood Team (existing team leads)
  • Rapid Response Action Team (Terry L)
  • Letter to the Editor (Bill L)
  • Issue Areas: Economic Justice/Fairness in the Workplace; Gun Safety; Immigration/DACA; Health Care/Social Security/Medicare; Prison Reform; Environment/Water Resources/Back 40 Mine/Frack Sand Mining