Neighborhood Teams

We have one chance, not so many days from today, to elect a new president and get our country back on track. Brown County residents live in one of the closest counties in one of the closest states in the country, so we have to work to make sure that every Democrat across the state of Wisconsin has a plan to vote safely, and that every swing voter has heard from the Democratic Party about the issues that matter most to them.
Can you join us? The only way to identify, persuade, and turn out all of these voters during a pandemic to call them. If you are available to make these calls from home please fill out the google form attached in this email/text/message to indicate your availability, and one of our local organizers will be in touch.
If you are not available to make these calls, there is another easy way to help! You can make a huge difference by instead sending the same google form to a couple of other friends or family members (hopefully around 5) who might be interested and able to help. These friends and family  can be any age and can live anywhere in the country. The only requirements are internet access, phone access, two hours anytime during the week, and interest in electing Democrats across Wisconsin. Ideally you could send this to your friends and family in Wisconsin and across the country, and they can send it to their friends and family in Wisconsin and across the country, and we can assemble a team of volunteers who’re all interested in turning out the vote here in Brown County!

Teams of volunteers have formed in neighborhoods across Brown County to build relationships with like-minded neighbors, organize around issues, and turn out Democratic voters on election day. Connect with your neighborhood team host below.

Work With Your Neighbors to Contact Neighbors

NOW is the time to help make a difference

Central Green Bay – Charolette

              Sign up form:

West Green Bay – Terry 

              Sign up form:

East Green Bay – Linda & Diane

              Sign up form:

South Suburban – Mariah     

              Sign up form:

     De Pere— Renee’



Outlying Brown County  

              Sign up form:

     Northern Brown County Neighbors—Ellen

     Southern Brown County Neighbors—Sarah



     New Franken Progressives—Pam

     Bellevue – Mary & Marian

     Ledgeview— Christine

     Oneida & Hobart – Dan & Elizabeth

Sign up using links above or contact your Team Lead by sending an email to

Links to Team Facebook Pages below:

West Green Bay Progressives

West Green Bay Team

Hosted by Terry 
Contact: Terry at 920-664-6363

East Green Bay Neighborhood Team

East Green Bay Team

Hosted by Linda and Diane


De Pere Team

Hosted by  Renee’

Contact Renee’:

Northern Brown County Neighbors group photo

Northern Brown County Neighbors

Hosted by Ellen 
Contact: Ellen at 920-401-7770

New Franken Neighborhood Team

New Franken Progressives
Town of Scott + Town of Green Bay
Hosted by Pam
Contact: Pam at 920-737-2524


Hosted by Mary & Marian


Central Green Bay

Hosted by Charolotte



Facebook in development


Ledgeview Neighbors

Hosted by Christine

Facebook in development

Southern Brown County Neighbors

Denmark and Wrightstown

Hosted by Gwen & Sarah

Oneida-Hobart Neighborhood Team

Oneida – Hobart Team
Hosted by Dan & Elizabeth
Contact: Sarah at 970-531-0658

Neighborhood Team Leaders Needed

We are looking for people interested in helping to lead neighborhood teams in the following areas. Please email to get connected.

  • East Green Bay
  • Allouez
  • Denmark
  • Wrightstown
  • Seymour Town + Seymour Village
  • Black Creek Town + Black Creek Village + Osborn Town
  • Deer Creek Town + Deer Creek Village + Maple Creek Town