Administrative Board Election

Get to know the candidates for the Administrative Board for the Democratic Party of Brown County. Board members will begin two year terms in January 2021. You must be a member of the Democratic Party to vote. You can join in only minutes here! Votes must be received by December 10th. 

We have six local area representatives with seats on the administrative board. While candidate statements from representative seats are included below, only the area that you reside in will be included on your ballot. Check out our Facebook page to see additional info from our candidates.

Admin Board ballots must be returned by NOON on Thursday December 10th. 

Too late for mail, so deposit in the drop box to left of our front door.

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Renee Gasch

Renee GashRenee Gasch is running for party chair because she has a vision to turn Brown County blue in 2022. Terry Lee and Loren Prince have joined her Blue 22 ticket as vice chairs.

A party volunteer since summer 2016, Renee leads the De Pere Dems and formerly the 8th CD Young Dems. She also serves De Pere on its Sustainability Commission and Public Art Committee. This year, Governor Evers appointed Renee to his Student Debt Task Force to advise on the growing student loan crisis.

In 2021, the Wisconsin Legislature will redraw election maps. It is critical that we have a strong voice to advocate for Democratic voters in redistricting. As a founding steering committee member of Citizen Action Northeast Wisconsin,
Renee has been a statewide leader for fair maps—helping pass 55 county resolutions and referenda in support of Senator Dave Hansen’s redistricting reform. In 2017, Citizen Action of Wisconsin awarded her Progressive Leader of the Year.

Renee grew up on a farm in nearby rural Wisconsin. She studied journalism at UW-Madison, and has a Masters in Cultural Anthropology. Professionally, Renee is a freelance writer for documentary films.

Learn more about her vision for the party at
Watch a video of Renee here.

Mike Moran

Mike MoranI’m running for reelection because we have work to do together. Our party is a big tent and must remain a big tent for us to be viable. The last year has been incredibly challenging for all of us. Throughout it all we’ve not only stayed together as a community, but we have grown.

During my time as chair, we’ve made significant capital improvements and repairs to the building, we’ve raised record amounts of money, and we’ve engaged people that have never been involved in politics.

The position of chair is administrative, collaborative, and enabling. My role is to enable our activists and grassroots to do what they do best. They can’t do that if they are dealing with building issues, personality conflicts, administrative paperwork, or even shoveling the sidewalk. Our party can provide that infrastructure to power their success.

I’ve operated on the above principles over the last year and I hope the work I’ve done has earned your vote. I always ask new volunteers how they want to contribute – ensuring our organization is well-run is how I can contribute. Please vote for Mike Moran, Kathy Hinkfuss, and Gail Garrity-Reed. 

Check out more about our platform at


Terry Lee

Terry LeePart of the Blue 22 Progressive Leadership for Brown County ticket, Terry has been bringing energy, passion and out-of-the-box thinking to the Democratic Party of Brown County since elected in 2018 as the West Green Bay Officer for the administrative committee. A former candidate himself; he knows what an effective campaign looks like and has been helping to elect Democrats in local and state-wide races.

While Chair of the Outreach Committee, he worked to promote the Democratic Party and platform in the community and brought in new volunteers. He led the West Green Bay Progressives Neighborhood Team in 2020 and was a liaison between the county party, candidates, and field organizers. 

A former award-winning radio news reporter, Terry is a local media spokesperson, helps to conceptualize Facebook communication and brought a multimedia experience to monthly assemblies. Since late 2016, Terry has been a community activist focused on issues like non-partisan redistricting reform and health care. He helped launch Citizen Action Northeast Wisconsin in 2017 and served on the Steering Committee for two years. During that time, he coordinated town halls, events, and  demonstrations, which helped save the Affordable Care Act.

To learn more about our ticket, search “Blue 22 for Brown County” on Facebook or visit

Kathy Hinkfuss

Kathy Hinkfuss

I am running with Mike Moran who has been the Party Chair for the past two years. We are in the middle of a Pandemic and during that time, Mike has led our party forward despite the challenges. Meetings via zoom have been well attended, our party raised record donations in 2020 and under Mikes leadership, volunteers distributed signs for the Presidential and down ballot races across our region. In a time of crisis (COVID) we need to continue our work and re-elect Mike Moran and his team.

I have been involved in politics for 30 years. My first race, organizing volunteers and mailings for my mother in-law Rosemary Hinkfuss. I have been a member of the Democratic party for 15+ years. The last three years I have been part of the events committee coordinating the Silent Auctions for the Spring Fling and the Steak Fry. I have served on the organizational committee for the Valley Victory Dinner. I am a graduate of Emerge WI, class of 2019. I most recently ran for the WI State Assembly in the 4th District.

We need to harness our energy and continue the fight for Democratic Values in our community. We must unite democrats and grow our membership.

Watch video of Kathy here


Loren Prince

Loren Prince has been engaged in local Brown County politics since he moved here with his family in 2012. Each presidential and midterm cycle he has phone banked and canvassed neighborhoods for Democrats.

In 2018, he joined the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Intern Fellowship program and is an active member of the Allouez neighborhood team. In 2020, Loren joined the Brown County Democratic Party’s Administrative team as Chair of Outreach.
Loren currently works with youth in our community through the At-Risk Youth After School Program with the Green Bay School 

Loren is running for the position of Second Vice-Chair as a member of the Blue 22 ticket with Renee Gasch and Terry Lee. We are focused on bringing Democratic victories
to Brown County in 2022 and building our local infrastructure to ensure continued success for years to come. Our platform also includes: intentional inclusion to promote party growth, creating new media and content to connect with voters, and the creation of an Advisory Council of Electeds to steer our policy goals. 

To learn more about our ticket, search “Blue 22 for Brown County” on Facebook or visit

Gail Garrity-Reed

 2020 has been a year of challenges. Mike Moran’s leadership has enabled the Brown County Democratic party to successfully navigate those challenges. As President Biden works to reunite our nation, I look forward to working with both Mike Moran and Kathy HInkfuss to unite and grow our local Brown County Democratic Party.

I am running alongside Mike Moran and Kathy Hinkfuss for the role of Second Vice Chair. I have been affiliated with the Democratic Party of Brown County for close to 30 years. During that time I’ve worked on many campaigns at the local, state, and federal level and organized numerous candidate events with supporters and businesses. I was also a member of Congressman Kagen Congressional staff.

Professionally I worked with “For profit” and “Not for profit” organizations. My experience has given me the valuable opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives. I have served and am currently serving on various boards and committees in the community, including leadership roles on several successful multi-million dollar capital campaigns.


Jill Gerwing (unopposed)

Having just joined about a year ago, I’m relatively new to the group but I have already tried hard to make a positive impact. When the previous secretary resigned, I volunteered to fill the position until these elections. I have been acting as secretary ever since and have worked with the previous secretary to learn the role. I’ve been involved with the group in other ways, such as being the volunteer coordinator and helping with the membership committee. In just this recent election, I connected dozens of volunteers with local campaigns, organized a portion of the volunteers that wrote over five thousands of postcards to voters, worked in the office, assisted with the auction and helped to implement the office safety procedures for the coronavirus. The work has made me feel connected, thankful and energized.

I joined the Brown County Democrats because I want my two young sons to grow up with positive role models in our government. I’m currently a stay at home mom and previously I was an elementary school teacher. I’m dedicated, organized, enthusiastic, and eager to do the job of secretary. I would be very grateful for your vote.


John Warren (unopposed)

I assumed the Treasurer position in the early summer and have completed a fairly busy time period. With the initial help of others, I have completed two mandated state election commission reports, and revised our ledgers so that these reports are automatically generated.

I plan to develop an instruction sheet so that future Treasurer handoffs will go smoothly and all of the various bits of information needed by the Treasurer will be in one place. I am fully accountable for everything that is entered into our ledgers.
I feel this position is a good fit for my skill set. I have enjoyed working with the Brown County Democrats and wish to continue to do so. I respectfully ask for your vote.

EAST GREEN BAY (east of Fox River)

Matthew Haney

Hello my name is Matt Haney, I am a lifelong native of Green Bay, a small business owner, a husband, father, and a democrat. I am seeking the opportunity to represent the Democratic Party of Brown County East Green Bay district.

I believe by working together with like minded progressive individuals in the area we can get the message out there, so people can make informed decisions with truthful information and empathy about the future of our democracy and our society as a whole. Getting that message out there starts at the grass roots level and with my professional background as media producer I am confident that I can rally like minded individuals and spread our shared message throughout Brown County and beyond to the rest of the state.

For far too long I have felt like a political outsider in this pretty conservative area, while I know people who share my beliefs are out there, finding and rallying them together is the challenge. I’m up for it! I believe it all starts here by getting involved.

I am new to this organization and I look forward to meeting and discussing issues with each and every one of you! Vote for Matt Haney! If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out and contact me at

Chris Jenquin

My name is Chris Jenquin, and I am running for the position of Green Bay East rep to the admin council. I’ve been involved in the party for over a decade. Over that time, I’ve noticed that voters have been voting against their own values. We need to ensure that voters know that their values are the values of the Democratic Party. We can do this by knocking on doors (when the pandemic is over), and phone calling. This can be done during the campaign season, but this is crucial during the times between the campaigns, so the issues can be on the forefront of people’s minds in the days and weeks leading up to election seasons so that we can turn a blue wave into a blue tsumani in 2022!

Watch a video of Chris here.

ALLOUEZ & EAST DePERE (east of Fox River)

Larry Garrison

To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, “Messaging isn’t  everything. It’s the only thing.”

An exaggeration, of course, as many elements are required to win elections and advance legislation, but in this media saturated environment, clear, concise messaging is vital. Democrats improved this election cycle, but still hit some of the same communication walls.

Biden lost Florida largely because of GOP efforts to label him a “socialist” in Miami- Dade County, yet the state approved a mandatory $15 per hour minimum wage. This contradiction—demonizing socialism while supporting a social welfare measure—is something we must continue to address if we’re to succeed in attracting voters who have not embraced our party’s progressive policies.

Having an extensive background in communications—as a reporter, writer and PR specialist—I have strived during my tenure as an Allouez/De Pere rep to focus on improving our local & national media outreach. I presented a proposal and strategic plan, which received admin approval, to establish a PR committee. Through this committee we can work to attract new members and interns while orchestrating a year-round campaign to generate greater awareness of Democratic ideals, legislation, and activities. I hope you’ll support my candidacy and join this effort.

Watch video of Larry here

Robbie Phillips

I have grown up in Green Bay my entire life, born and raised on the West side, just across the street from West high school. I moved to the East side, near Bellin hospital in my early 20’s and lived there until I moved to Allouez about 5 years ago. I like to think I know the city well and believe that Allouez is oftentimes 
overlooked for its sense of community and pride that the residents here have in where they live.

The results of the 2020 election showed that of the communities surrounding Green Bay, Allouez was the only one that voted majority for President-Elect Biden with a total vote of 54%. De Pere voted for Trump by less than 1%.

I believe the representative for Allouez and East De Pere can utilize the Democratic Party of Brown County to bolster support for the Democratic Party through community engagement and team up with other area representatives to make Brown County a Democratic stronghold in future elections.


Ellen Sarns (unopposed)

I am the current Regional Representative on the Administrative Committee for Howard-Suamico/Pulaski. I am also Team Leader for the Northern Brown County Neighbors, the neighborhood team in the HSP area. I have been a resident of Suamico for over 40 years.

As the Regional Representative for HSP, I have been involved in events, large sign distribution, office maintenance and staffing, training for phone canvassing, phone canvassing and initiating a pilot program for writing post cards.

In my role as Team Leader my goal is to keep my community informed about issues, candidate positions, and rallying our team to take action when necessary. Our members always step up when the need arises. I feel like our greatest accomplishment this term was to rally our team and other activists against the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution which was defeated.

If I am re-elected, I will continue to provide the HSP region with the information we need to make informed choices and to keep our team active and engaged. Of particular focus for a second term will be Fair Maps and campaigning for local candidates. If you live in the Howard-Suamico-Pulaski area, I would appreciate your vote!

Watch video of Ellen here

(west of Fox River)

Dean DeBroux (unopposed)

For 25 years I worked as a special education teacher mostly in the Ashwaubenon School District. For most of my teaching career, I was a leader in the Education Association (union). I was a local president, a contract negotiator and a regional president. During my time as a union leader, I worked tirelessly to elect pro-education Democrats to office. I led several protests during the Act 10 uprising and was interviewed many times by the media. I also testified before the Legislature on numerous occasions.

In 2014 I ran for State Senate District 1. I took a tier 3 race and through hard work by my team and me, we pushed it into a tier 1 race, gaining the attention of statewide officials. Although we were not successful in the end, I learned a lot about running a campaign.

I have served as the Ashwaubenon / West DePere representative on the administrative committee for the last year and a half and have recently joined the building committee. Now that I am fully retired from all my teaching and union positions, I look forward to continuing to serve as your representative on the Administrative Committee.


Sachin Shivaram (unopposed)

My family and I love where we live. I was born and brought up here in Wisconsin, and then work and life took me to very distant places for 20 years. All throughout, I always felt the tug to come back home to Wisconsin. As my wife and I grew our family, it remained clear that this was the place that had the culture and environment that we wanted for our children.

Brown County is now our home, and we care deeply about civic life here. I want to be a part of the effort to make it an even better place to live by growing the influence of the Democratic Party and by helping spread progressive values. Brown County is now our home, and we care deeply about civic life here. I want to be a part of the effort to make it an even better place to live by growing the influence of the Democratic Party and by helping spread progressive values.

My day job is CEO of Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, a 112-year-old manufacturing company in Manitowoc. We are proudly union strong, and we are dedicated above all to taking care of our hard-working people.

As a member of the Administrative Committee, I will aim to support the important mission of the Democratic Party of Brown County by voicing the perspective of those of us who live outside of the main cities, and also by drawing on my experience working in business and with organized labor.

Watch a video of Sachin here.

(east of Fox River)

No Candidate

Incoming Chair will appoint.