Find Your New District: maps.legis.wisconsin.gov

Spring 2023 Election: 

General April 4th 7am-8pm

Tips on Running for Office

Running for local office is important and winning is an attainable goal. Here’s some things you should do to get yourself started:

➡️ Know your district. A majority of voters don’t know what district they live in or who represents them. It’s your job as a candidate to remind them that they live in your district.

➡️ Educate yourself. Find out what the position you plan to run for is responsible for doing and what the budget looks like. Knowing what the top line items are will help you talk about how your values will guide your spending priorities.

➡️ Get your papers together to file. You’ll need to file a declaration of intent, a campaign registration statement, nomination papers, and possible a statement of economic interest. The clerk of the body of government you plan to run for can help you with this.

➡️ Start fundraising and talking to voters. Once you’re filed and official with the clerk you can raise money and start getting campaign materials like lit pieces and yard signs printed from your local union print shop.

➡️ Earn votes. You bought some awesome campaign literature with your face on it and now you can deliver it to your constituents and ask for their votes by going door to door and talking to the registered voters in your district.

Wisconsin Elections Commission

Find more information about upcoming elections, candidate instructions, and campaign finance at the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.

Additional Training

Check out these organizations to find training resources for new candidates: Wisconsin ProgressEmerge WisconsinEmily’s List, and Arena.run.