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Flatten the Ballot Request Curve!

Flatten the Ballot Request Curve!

Request your Absentee Ballot EARLY.

There will be a MUCH higher demand for Absentee Ballots than normal.

Help your clerk’s office meet this demand by requesting early to increase the time and FLATTEN the ballot request curve!

Need help with Registering or Voting?

DPW Voter Assistance Hotline

or email

Absentee Ballot Return Options

Options outlined by your municipal clerk

Check on Status of Your Ballot


Information regarding voting and upcoming elections. Be sure to check that you are still registered just prior to heading to vote!

Voter resources on how to register, update your address, find polling places, and how to vote absentee can be found at My Vote Wisconsin at this link: Due to voter registration purging process, you may find that your voter registration has been purged when you go to the polls to vote! BE SURE TO VERIFY YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION before heading to the polls. Also, bring documentation to prove who you are and your current address just in case there is an issue. Here is a direct link to check your voter registration record:

You can re-register on-line prior to the third Wednesday before the election.  After that registration is closed online or by mail until after the election. You have to come to the Clerk’s Office or re-register at the polls on election day.

Voter Purge 

“Elections officials sent the letters based on information compiled by the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, a coalition of 28 states and Washington, D.C. that tries to keep voter rolls as accurate as possible. 

ERIC flags voters who file address changes with the post office or register vehicles at new addresses. In some cases their information is faulty and the voters haven’t moved. For instance, people could be flagged as having moved if they registered a vehicle at a business address instead of their home address. 

Voters who are removed from the voter rolls, whether correctly or mistakenly, can regain the ability to cast ballots by re-registering online, at their clerk’s office or at the polls on election day. Be sure to bring documents to prove who you are and where you live.


We will be clarifying criteria that would trigger the purging of a voter registration. 

What we know now:

  • If a person moved and didn’t vote for four years they would be purged. 
  • They would be notified first. 

There is a significant percentage of purged registrations that have been done in error. If you feel that you should not have been purged, please contact us at

The Wisconsin Democratic Party  is working on developing resources and support for this issue. We will provide more information when available.

Find curbside voting or absentee ballot drop-off locations in your municipality here

 DPW’s Voter Assistance Hotline: 608-336-3232