November 2020 Referendum Information

Did You Know there Will Be 2 Referendums on Your November Ballot?

Question #1
Should the Wisconsin Legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional district plans and maps?

  • Vote Yes

Background: A “yes” vote advises the state legislature that WI voters want fair maps, not the gerrymandered maps that have led to over $4 million worth of lawsuits in the last 10 years. The old maps were drawn in secret by a private law firm hired by the Republican legislature at taxpayer expense. Democrats were not even allowed to see the maps until they were to be voted on. That process caused WI to have some of the most gerrymandered maps in the whole country. As a result, the politicians chose their voters, instead of voters choosing their politicians. Vote “yes” to recommend the state develop a fairer way of drawing maps.

Question #2
Should Wisconsin State Statutes be amended to provide County Boards of Supervisors with a mechanism to approve or overturn any actions taken by County Health Officers that impose county wide restrictions on citizens and/or businesses, or that require county wide closure of businesses?

  • Vote No

Background: This is a science over politics question. A “no” vote would tell the state legislature that we want our County Health Officers to have the final say on actions to keep the public safe. This could involve a face covering mandate, or a temporary closure of bars, for example, in Brown County. We see in our own state how the Republican legislature has undermined Gov. Evers efforts to support public health officials with safety measures, like a mask mandate. Some Brown County Board Supervisors feel they know better than our public health officials how to balance the economy and the health safety of our citizens. A “no” vote recommends giving public health officials the final say, not politicians.