Party Election Policies

Presidential Primary Rules & Procedures

1. It is the policy of the Democratic Party of Brown County, as an organization, to remain neutral in the presidential primary until we have an official Democratic candidate.

2. Any member in good standing can request use of the county party office for the purposes of holding an organizing event or campaign action (for example, a phone bank) for a candidate. In the event of a conflict, the building will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. The member who requests the building will be responsible for conduct at the event and leaving the building in the same condition it was found.

3. The Chair, Vice Chair, and Second Vice Chair will remain neutral in their official capacity as officers of the county party. Any member acting in an official role for the party will act with neutrality. For example, a volunteer with our communications team may share a post from their personal Facebook page that is supportive of one particular candidate, but they would not share such an article from the party’s official Facebook page.

4. The county party will make a good faith effort to share information from local presidential campaign groups as fairly and even handedly as possible. If a local group wants to be sure that our communications volunteers have seen a particular event they would like shared, they should email the information to Our volunteers will do their best to share events that come to their attention, but if the campaign group does not reach out to us about a particular event, there are no guarantees that our volunteers will see it.

5. The county party does not supply information about our local members’ names, addresses, phone numbers, or emails. Campaigns can purchase this information from the DPW through the VAN, but this does not involve the county party.

6. We encourage all members participating in our Facebook group or commenting on our social media posts to focus on promoting their preferred candidate over criticizing those they don’t like as much. A healthy, constructive primary that focuses on the issues is a wonderful opportunity to discuss Democratic ideas and share our values. One of our primary candidates will move forward into a general election versus Donald Trump, and whoever our candidate is, we want them to come out of the primaries set up for success. We aim to make our social media platforms spaces for healthy discussion and debate, and we reserve the right to set limits if a particular discussion or participant creates a situation that moves us further away from our organizational goal of getting Democratic candidates elected.