Door Knocking/Canvassing video

Short video testimonial about what it is like to go door knocking (aka canvassing)

There are lots of ways you can
volunteer to 
help elect democrats.
One of the most effective (and the most scary-sounding!) is door knocking aka canvassing.

In real life- door knocking is not nearly as
intimidating as it may seem.

Main points to keep in mind:
-Engaging with voters face to face is shown to be the most impactful voter-engagement activity
-It sounds kind of scary, but its really not!
-Its good to step outside of your comfort zone, right?!
-You are not expected to be an expert on the issues, the candidates or whatever happens to be in the media
-You are not sent out to try to “convince” republican voters on policy issues, etc
-You’ll be given an script outline to use as a guide
-You’ll  have candidate literature to share
-Here’s the best part- when you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve done your part, and you have!