Donate to our building fund to help us operate our campaign headquarters in Green Bay.

Donate to help Democratic candidates that share your values run local campaigns.

The most effective way to support the Democratic Party of Brown County is by becoming a Blue Crew supporter. Blue Crew supporters make an automated monthly contribution—and that is what gives us the consistent support we need to build our party infrastructure, support candidates, invest in field and communication tools, and create long-term plans. 

$15 per month, less than $0.50 per day, will help give us the support we need to build a bluer Brown County for the long haul. And because getting started for victory in 2022 is so important right now, a generous supporter has stepped up to match Blue Crew donations for the first month, up to 24 new members. So please sign up today as a Blue Crew donor.

And as a special thank you for your monthly support we have fun benefits , such as:  party freebies, yard sign delivery to your home, and VIP access to party events. 

Anyone can be a Blue Crew supporter, you do not have to live in Brown County to help us turn Brown County blue!

The Democratic Party of Brown County is switching to clean energy to power its headquarters in Green Bay at 118 S. Chestnut St. We’re purchasing renewable energy certificates from Arcadia for five dollars a month. 

You can too!! When we refer members to Arcadia, we get a credit on our bill. Join us in switching to renewable energy and living our values! Sign up now. Cost is $5 per month. 

Learn more about how to sign up for Renewable Energy Credits with Brown County Democrats.