Spring Ring 2021

2020 was a heck of a year. We played a pivotal role in Wisconsin going blue for Biden. Democrats could not have done this without your support!

2020, also brought immense challenges. Brown County Democrats were not able to do our normal fundraising events because of the pandemic, and that has left us in a difficult financial position.

In place of our Spring Fling this year (which has been canceled again), we are hosting a Spring Ring — a phone fundraising drive to ask members for a contribution to the party.

The most effective way to support us is by becoming a Blue Crew donor. Blue Crew donors make an automated monthly contribution and that is what gives us the consistent support we need. Can you join with a contribution of $15/month? 

Thank you for your continued support of Democrats!

Switch to Renewable Electricity

The Democratic Party of Brown County is switching to clean energy to power its headquarters in Green Bay at 118 S. Chestnut St. We’re purchasing renewable energy certificates from Arcadia for five dollars a month. 

You can too!! When we refer members to Arcadia, we get a credit on our bill. Join us in switching to renewable energy and living our values! Sign up now. Cost is $5 per month. 

Learn more about how to sign up for Renewable Energy Credits with Brown County Democrats.