Conservative or Unconcerned?

The Second Amendment text

This Letter to the Editor ran in the Florence Mining News shortly after the County Board voted unanimously to make Florence County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. This effort was pushed by the newly elected Republican sheriff who was quoted as saying he loves God and the second amendment. The same article claimed they were protecting gun rights from a Democratic governor in Madison.  This letter to the editor was written by the parents of the new sheriff.  The general public did not know the county board was considering this action.  A group of NRA people did know and were at the meeting.

Gun Control?

By Clete Delvaux, De Pere

I have read that a mass shooting occurs every day on average in the U.S. And everyday our president and the Republican-led Senate refuse to do anything to stop this slaughter of American citizens. Instead, they say they will study and debate the issue, hoping that if they delay long enough, Americans will forget about this horrendous problem.

They talk about mental illness as the cause of the problem. Or tighter background checks are needed. Or we need restrict violence on TV, movies, and video games, etc. I have no objections to these studies. But these debates and studies skirt the real issue: What we really need is a return to a ban on machine guns (ARs) and multi-round magazines.

Who, outside of the military, would have any use for these machine guns? No hunter would use them. No one would use them to protect their home or life. In short, these guns have only one purpose: to kill as many people as possible in a short time.

Americans need to pressure our president and Senate to reinstate the ban on the selling of these mass-murder weapons. If they continue to delay doing this, we must vote them out of office.