Trump Plans To Cut Soc Sec & Medicare in 2nd Term

We need to vote for a President in 2020 who will protect Medicare and Social Security. Trump drastically increased the deficit to give the super wealthy a tax cut, and now Republican lawmakers are going to push him to balance it by making cuts to Medicare and Social Security if he gets re-elected in 2020. … Read moreTrump Plans To Cut Soc Sec & Medicare in 2nd Term

What to Believe about Medicare-for-All

  By Lynn Gerlach, Green Bay Remember when Donald Trump said that “Nobody knew how complicated healthcare is”? We snickered, because we’d been through the long ACA struggle some years ago with the Obama administration. In fact, it is unlikely most of us truly appreciate the confusing advantages and disadvantages or even the plausibility of … Read moreWhat to Believe about Medicare-for-All