Top 10 reasons to fill out an Absentee Ballot request and Vote By Mail

By Dr John Warren  1. It is SAFER with the pandemic around.   2. It is easy to have an absentee ballot mailed to your house. (go to  3. You do not have to worry about long lines, bad weather and same day voting hassles. (Think April only worse)  4. It IS safer with the … Read more Top 10 reasons to fill out an Absentee Ballot request and Vote By Mail

One doctor’s perspective on COVID-19

By Dr. John Warren, Green Bay We are all very tired of hearing and worrying about COVID-19 and are ready to have our lives return to normal as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot wish this virus away. No one can predict the future, however physicians and scientists expect this virus to be around until … Read more One doctor’s perspective on COVID-19

Resource-Voter Suppression

Can we stop the election from being stolen, yet again? How Trump’s going to steal the 2020 election Palast with KPFA’s Sabrina Jacobs, JAN 14, 2020, Greg Palast and Sabrina Jacobs for KPFA Wisconsin 2020 Voter Purge “Elections officials sent the letters based on information compiled by the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, … Read more Resource-Voter Suppression

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Here is some information on the candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court 98% of judges support Lisa Neubauer for #WISupremeCourt Bice: Supreme Court candidate once wrote that gay rights ruling could lead to legalized bestiality (Journal Sentinal)