Democrats must stick together

From Laura Kiefert, Howard, WI

Donald Trump is a threat to American democracy, and we are fortunate to have a vast and historically diverse crop of candidates running against him bringing big, new ideas to a demanding and divided base.

To defeat Trump, we must all agree the 2020 Presidential election is – first, last and foremost – about defeating an unfit, corrupt and destructive incumbent. Therefore, we need to abandon the idea of finding a 2020 presidential candidate who is “perfect.”

In true Goldilocks and the Three Bears fashion, Democrats have a history of looking for a presidential candidate that is “just right.” Some are “too old.” Some are “too young.” Some are “too progressive, others “too centrist.” Some are “too white,” some are “too black” and others are “too female.”

Democrats tend to want to be swept off their feet in a fit of electoral ecstasy and for some, once they make their own personal “just right” choice, all others are deemed inadequate or somehow all wrong for the party or the times.

This mindset cost us the last election because, for many, if their “one” didn’t win the nomination, then they preferred not to vote for the person who did win or simply not vote at all. We must join together right now to vow to support whoever the Democratic candidate is to insure this costly mistake isn’t repeated.

Of course, leading up to the convention, we’ll all promote our favorite candidates and talk smack about the others. However, our allegiances are going to have to shift as the field narrows, and once the party settles on a nominee, we must accept that person is “just right,” circle our wagons and make an all-out effort to get that person the keys to the White House.

One story of why we need the ACA

From J. Brown, Green Bay, WI

I would like to take a moment to tell you about something that happened in my life recently and how a government program helped my family in the months since.

In December my mother suffered an aneurysm at the pre-school where she worked in North Carolina. She was rushed to the nearest hospital and then airlifted to a top-tier hospital in Charlotte. The medical professionals there performed surgeries and procedures in order to decrease the amount of blood on the brain and decrease the swelling. They provided the highest level of care to her for the next 7 days until my father made the difficult decision to allow her to move on from this world.

I was able to be there when she passed away and had the opportunity to speak about her life at her memorial. So many people who knew her showed their love to me. My mother’s passing left a void in our family and in the community. I’m taking it one day at a time and holding on to the many good memories that I have of her.

As you can imagine, the costs of the medical care my mother received were very high. She didn’t have health insurance through the church that ran the pre-school where she worked. My father is a self-employed tile installer and never had health insurance through his business.

My father is a conservative Republican and my mother voted the same way he did even though she was a registered Democrat. Neither one of them wanted to get health insurance through the government program created by the Affordable Care Act, which is often referred to as Obamacare.

However, they signed up in late 2017 in order to avoid the penalty. They paid a total of about $2.50 per month for coverage. Their decision to get coverage through the government saved my family from financial ruin. The costs of my mother’s hospitalization would’ve been around $150,000 without insurance. Instead, my father has been billed around $2,900. Donations from family and friends will be able to cover most of that.

Our family is all too familiar with how medical bills can burden a family. In 1996, my mother had thyroid cancer, which she overcame. My father is still paying off the bills that came while my mother was in the hospital back then. Those bills made it difficult for my parents to pay the mortgage, buy vehicles, put gas in the car, pay for food, and cover the many expenses that families have. Sending me and siblings to college was out of the question because the money just wasn’t there. Those bills made all of our lives much more difficult and put a lot of stress on my parents.

Without the health insurance that my parents got because of the Affordable Care Act the rest of my father’s life would’ve been much more difficult. He could’ve lost everything or spent the rest of his life deeply in debt because of the medical bills. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act my father will be able to move into the next phase of his life without the crushing debt he would’ve had without insurance.

For that reason and many more I will continue to support progressive candidates and causes. The policies that we as Democrats fight to advance are important and worth fighting for because of how they help improve this country and the lives of Americans from coast to coast.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court

Here is some information on the candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court

98% of judges support Lisa Neubauer for #WISupremeCourt

Bice: Supreme Court candidate once wrote that gay rights ruling could lead to legalized bestiality (Journal Sentinal)

WI Dem Party Chair 2/22/19

DPW v. Vos, et al.
Yesterday, we at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop the unprecedented and illegal laws passed by Republicans during December’s lame-duck session. We decided to take legal action action because we could not let these unconstitutional acts stand.

It was less than 24 hours after Tony Evers was elected governor, by the people of Wisconsin, that Republican leadership publicly threatened to limit his powers. We know, because Republicans publicly confessed that these actions wouldn’t have been taken if Scott Walker had been re-elected.
The will of the people is the law of the land; Wisconsinites voted for Governor Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul because they wanted a change, and Republicans intentionally passed these laws to prevent Gov. Evers from passing his agenda.

By rushing through legislation with the explicit intent of denying the implementation of Democratic ideas, Republican leadership violated the U.S. Constitution’s promise of principled state government, freedom of speech, and equal protection under the law. This was a blatant, illegal power grab, and we hope to achieve justice for Wisconsin voters.
DNC Announces Unprecedented Investment in DPW Field Program
In preparation for the 2020 cycle, the Democratic National Committee has announced a multi-million dollar investment in the recruitment and training of college-aged organizers in several key battleground states, including our own Wisconsin. The project — called Organizing Corps 2020 — will recruit, pay and train young people to work in the 2020 presidential cycle, with particular focus on mentoring students from communities of color.
Communities of color, particularly Milwaukee’s black community, have been underrepresented on Wisconsin political campaigns for too long. We’re excited by the opportunity to build these talent pipelines and make our campaigns reflect the diversity of our Democratic coalition.

The path to defeating Donald Trump runs through Wisconsin. With the DNC’s support, we’ll not only build a strong ground game ready to support our eventual presidential nominee, we’ll also grow and train the next generation of Democratic leaders. 

If you know a college junior who would be interested in being a part of DNC’s Organizing Corps, send them here!
On Monday, Governor Tony Evers announced his plan to include a proposal to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and legalize medical marijuanain his state budget. As a cancer survivor and quality healthcare advocate, Gov. Evers recognizes how effective medical marijuana can be in treating chronic pain associated with cancer and different diseases. “Wisconsinites overwhelmingly agree that this is a critically important issue. But it’s not just about access to health care, it’s about connecting the dots between racial disparities and economic inequity.” – Gov. Tony EversI’m glad that we have a governor that recognizes these dots, and is taking action to address them. By decriminalizing marijuana, we’ll begin to address the racial disparities and cycles of poverty in communities across our state. Decriminalizing marijuana would mean that the state removes penalties for possessing, manufacturing, and distributing marijuana (25 grams or less). Decriminalizing isn’t just for the future, but remedying the past.
The proposal would also expunge the records of individuals already convicted for violations under that amount who have served their sentences or propations. Though this doesn’t address all the racial, socioeconomic, health disparities that exist in our state, I am confident that it is putting Wisconsin on the right track to help all state citizens.
Our Thoughts are with former-Sen. Kathleen Vinehout
It broke my heart to hear news that Former Senator Kathleen Vinehout’s home burned down last week. Kathleen and her husband, as well as their farm animals, are safe and sound, but they lost everything. Kathleen and her family have always shown up to help all of us, and that’s why we’ve been working hard to make sure they feel loved and supported in this trying time.

Here in Wisconsin, we have each other’s backs. Our hearts are with the Vinehout family through this tragedy, and we will continue to support them moving forward.
Hagedorn Losing Support Fast
A conservative leaning group has yanked support from Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn after several news stories detailing Hagedorn’s disturbing, radical agenda.
This is yet another sign that Brian Hagedorn is too extreme and partisan to be trusted on the Supreme Court. Wisconsinites expect their judiciary to be fair and impartial. That Hagedorn is bleeding support from his own backers shows just how fringe and out-of-touch his candidacy has become.

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Martha Laning, Chair

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