The Brown County Democrat – Spring 2021 Edition

The Brown County Democrat is a community newspaper featuring news and commentary from members of the Democratic Party of Brown County.

Debuting in Spring 2021, the paper helps Democrats amplify their voices and their vision for Wisconsin. In its debut issue, members share important analysis of Governor Evers’ budget proposals, issues in the Spring elections, and updates on local board decisions. Read the Spring 2021 digital edition of The Brown County Democrat here.

In tribute to our local community, we’ve named the paper The Brown County Democrat after a newspaper first published in the county a century ago. We are committed to honoring where we have been as we work together to shape where our community is going.

Members will receive a limited-edition, paper copy arriving with their Spring Voter Guide at their homes soon. We have funded a one-time print run to see if members would like to continue receiving the publication by mail or as a digital newspaper. You can chip in here to help fund mailing costs for members that have low access to the Internet.

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Thank you to all the party members who contributed to the Spring 2021 edition of The Brown County Democrat, especially Editor Robbie Phillips!

Statement: Brown County Democrats Stand in Solidarity with Green Bay Voters Targeted by the GOP

Friday, March 12, 2021
For immediate release

Green Bay – The Democratic Party of Brown County Wisconsin reaffirms its commitment to protecting the rights of all people to vote freely, fairly and safely in democratic elections. The party commends the City of Green Bay for leading one of the most well-run, highest turn-out elections in the city’s history despite the incredibly challenging circumstances of the pandemic. The recent right-wing attacks on Green Bay’s election results are based on misinformation and outright lies that are undermining our democracy.

“Democrats want all people to vote no matter the color of their skin, where they live, or if they have a disability,” said Democratic Party of Brown County Chair Renee Gasch. “The City of Green Bay went above and beyond to make sure residents could safely vote during the pandemic. It is truly a shame that the GOP is attacking our community and the hard-working election workers who put their lives on the line so people could participate in our democracy.”

Assembly Republicans on the Campaigns and Elections Committee organized a “hearing” Wednesday into Green Bay’s election results, which committee member Rep. Mark Spreitzer described as a “smear campaign.” The hearing was laced with racist, homophobic, and anti-democratic rhetoric, underscoring concerns that the real reason Green Bay is being targeted is because of its voters of color that frequently vote for Democrats.

“The GOP has a concerning pattern of trying to suppress the votes of communities of color because they know they cannot win their votes legitimately,” said Gasch. “Democrats stand in solidarity with the voters across Wisconsin who are being targeted by misinformation and voter suppression. We are focused on developing the policies that will improve the lives of everyday people––not throwing out their votes.”

Already in 2021, Governor Evers has included a proposal in his budget to fund automatic voter registration in Wisconsin, and House Democrats in Congress have passed the For the People Act, which would dramatically expand access to voting. Meanwhile, a recent bill by Wisconsin Republicans proposes to make it harder for voters who are indefinitely confined for medical reasons to vote absentee. Nationally, Republicans have introduced nearly 300 bills in almost every state to make it harder to vote. 


Renee Gasch, Chair, (920) 366-3780

Terry Lee, Vice Chair, (920) 664-6363 

Statement: Brown County Democrats Denounce Attacks on Green Bay’s Election by Wisconsin Republicans

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
For immediate release

Green Bay – The Democratic Party of Brown County Wisconsin would like to recognize the City of Green Bay’s election staff for its work administering a fair election and accurate count despite immense challenges in the November election. As a party, we denounce attacks casting doubt on the integrity of Green Bay’s election results. 

“All people deserve the right to vote freely, fairly and safely, and the City of Green Bay delivered on that promise in the fall election,” said Democratic Party of Brown County Chair Renee Gasch. “Republicans need to stop regurgitating dangerous conspiracies about the integrity of our elections and start focusing on governing our state through the pandemic.”

A judge ruled that Green Bay and other Wisconsin cities could use millions in grant money from a non-profit to help administer a safer and secure election in November. The money covered increased pay for election workers in a pandemic including additional PPE and protections, provided funds for five new secure absentee drop boxes around the city and helped promote voting and election information.

Green Bay, led by Mayor Eric Genrich, saw record turnout in the November election including the largest ever vote-by-mail program. Poll observers documented few lines or issues at polling locations, and for the first time ever, the central count in Green Bay was live streamed to the public to guarantee transparency.

The complaints about Green Bay’s election have come primarily from Republican state legislators outside of the city, and not the people of Green Bay. The most recent accusations levied by conservative media and top-ranking Republicans, including State Senate President Roger Roth, have already been dismissed by Wisconsin judges. Meanwhile, the only credible claims of election fraud have been Republicans attempting to manipulate the results in Donald Trump’s favor––including De Pere Alder Kelly Ruh, who is currently part of a Wisconsin Elections Commission investigation.

“While Republicans have been obsessing over conspiracies, Democrats have been working hard on actually improving people’s lives,” said Gasch. “Green Bay Assembly Representative Kristina Shelton has just co-authored an Economic Bill of Rights to ensure that people in our state can live with dignity, and Governor Evers has issued a forward-thinking budget to help people reduce their healthcare costs and bounce back from COVID-19.”


Renee Gasch, Chair, (920) 366-3780
Terry Lee, Vice Chair, (920) 664-6363 

Run for School Board. Yes, YOU!

Do you want to defend the common good and make sure all children have access to quality education? You need to run for school board! Despite all the attacks, public education is the last great equalizer in this country and being a school board member means you have the ability to protect that. Some people think schools should be run like a business, but children are not products to be mass produced. They are each unique and require quality schools and educators to nurture their talents. We are looking for people that understand the difference. If this is you, reach out today!

Kristin Lytie
WEAC Region 3

Food Donations Needed

As we all know all too well, Covid-19 has thrown a wrench into 2020. And it’s taken a toll on the DPBC Events schedule. No Spring Fling, no Steak Fry, and no Holiday Party.

Most unfortunately, a consequence of losing the 2020 Holiday Party is losing the food donations collection.

Please, for those of us who can give, consider taking a generous donation to a local food pantry. Some needed items are: vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, oatmeal, sauces. Or bring toiletries, they are always needed.

Your generosity helps fill a bag or box of groceries for individuals and families who are living on the brink of hunger.

I know this year has not been easy. But if we have a job, an income, and a roof over our heads, we have more than many.

People are hungry. Please be generous.

Martha Rendon
Events Chair

Show Your Support for Fair, Representative Maps

On Thursday, October 29, you have the opportunity to testify on why you believe in the importance of nonpartisan, fair and representative maps at a public hearing held by the People’s Maps Commission. The hearing will take place virtually from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

The hearing is the second in a series of at least eight meetings, one for each of Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts. The focus of the hearing will be a retrospective of how Wisconsin’s maps were drawn in 2011, featuring Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District. Although this hearing will focus on the Fifth Congressional District, all Wisconsin residents are encouraged to watch and participate.

If you are interested in testifying, please register here. The deadline for registering to testify is Tuesday, October 27 at 5 p.m.

If you would like to comment but cannot make the hearing, you can submit a written comment here at any time before the hearing.

* Each speaker will have 3 minutes to speak. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority to residents of Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District.

Helpful Resources:

Every 10 years, each state redraws their legislative and congressional districts using data from the decennial census. In addition to the data from the 2020 U.S. Census, the Commission will use information gathered during the public hearing process to prepare new maps. It will then be up to the Legislature to take up and approve the maps created by the Commission.

Selected by a three judge panel, the Commission is a nine-member nonpartisan redistricting commission charged with drawing fair, impartial maps for the state of Wisconsin. More information about the Commission, its members and its activities is available here.

FREE Rides to Early Voting

The Coalition of Voting Organizations of Brown County, WI – COVO – is offering FREE rides to early voting hours. COVO is a  non-partisan group assisting with voter registration, absentee ballots, getting a photo ID for voting, and any other help you may need to vote. Call them at 920-445-8671 to schedule your ride, at least one day ahead of time. Avoid the lines on Election Day.

COVO is a non-partisan, all-volunteer organization located in Brown County, Wisconsin.