Spring Voter Guide

Updated to include Election Results.

Local elections are important. The candidates elected on Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 will oversee our elections for the next two years. They will help determine if voting becomes more or less accessible to all people in Brown County regardless of zip code, race, or party affiliation.


For the last two years, our election workers, especially in Green Bay, have been under attack by those that believe the Big Lie about the 2020 election results. In the Spring elections, Republicans have doubled down on election conspiracies and recruited candidates to run against every sitting official who defended our elections from baseless attacks. We’ve done our homework and followed every vote to make sure our members and our friends know who can be trusted with our democracy.


We are here to help you make sure you cast your vote for someone who will stand up for your votes when the moment calls. If you do not see your race represented, please email info@browncountydems.com for advice. And please make your plan to vote: myvote.wi.gov.


The best way you can support local democracy is by becoming a Blue Crew monthly donor. Your monthly donation of $22 will help the Brown County Democrats build the campaign infrastructure needed to turn our county blue in 2022 and beyond! Sign up here.



Does not reflect an official party endorsement. List includes members and non-member leaders in select contested races. Compiled using publicly available information. Candidates have not given their express permission to be included. Omission from this guide does not necessarily mean the candidate is a conservative. Inclusion in this guide does not necessarily mean the candidate is a progressive.

Thank you Spring Primary Election Workers, Candidates & Voters!

On Tuesday, February 15th, several districts in Brown County held primaries for the Spring Election. What is a primary? A primary occurs when more than double the amount of candidates declare for the number of seats open in a race. The purpose of a primary is to narrow the field of candidates so voters have no more than two choices for every open seat in the general election, which is coming up on Tuesday, April 5th (save the date and submit your time-off requests at work).

In the Spring election, we are seeing a lot of right-wing candidates step forward to run for local government. The Republican Party and right-wing radio are recruiting candidates based on the Big Lie that something criminal happened in our 2020 elections. In Tuesday’s Spring Primary, many of those right-wing candidates lost. However, many more are on the ballot in the upcoming April 5th Spring election. Right-wing candidates have made their intentions clear: they are running to “take back” local government so they can oversee our local elections and suppress votes in Brown County. We can’t let that happen! Please sign up to volunteer to protect your freedom to vote from Big Lie candidates.

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2022 Spring Primary, and thank you to the hard work of every election worker who helps ensure our democracy is free, fair, and accessible. Below are official results, source Brown County Elections webpage.

Statement: Ron Johnson’s Announcement that he is Running for Re-election

Green Bay, Wis – Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson has announced he is running for re-election in 2022, breaking a promise he made to people in the state that he would hold himself to a term limit. Renee Gasch, Chair of the Brown County Democrats, made the following statement:

“Ron Johnson can absolutely be beat in 2022. But for us, the Midterm elections are about more than just politics or winning an election. The Midterm elections are about making sure Wisconsin has leaders who are honest and trustworthy. And making sure Wisconsin families have the healthcare, childcare and eldercare they need to get ahead. That is why we will be working hard to defeat Ron Johnson and elect Democrats.

Senator Johnson could have supported the child tax credit, which has been critical for Wisconsin families through the pandemic. But he didn’t. Senator Johnson could have supported the American Rescue Plan, which has been vital for communities to rebound after the pandemic recession, but he didn’t. Senator Johnson could have supported the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Plan, which is going to fix our roads and build bridges in Brown County, but he didn’t. He even admitted to not even bothering reading the bill.

The only thing Senator Johnson has supported is tax cuts for himself and his wealthiest donors. In fact, a ProPublica report revealed that Johnson withheld his support on the GOP Tax Cut until it was changed to help pass-through companies, like the one he owned, and like the ones owned by two of his major donors. That is corruption at its core. It is clear that Senator Johnson is more concerned about increasing his personal wealth than the well-being of the people of Wisconsin.

Senator Johnson has made the pandemic harder for the people of Wisconsin. As the pandemic continues to put Wisconsinites in harm’s way, he has continued to make the situation worse by peddling his anti-vaccine agenda, as well as numerous dangerous conspiracy theories. Senator Johnson has even refused to acknowledge the basic reality of the 2020 election results and condemn violence at the US Capitol. He is just more of Donald Trump, and the people of Wisconsin are tired of it. We want something different.

Any one of the candidates who have stepped up to run in the Democratic primary in August would better serve the people of Wisconsin. We are proud to have an incredible group of Democrats running to defeat Ron Johnson in 2022.”

Happy Blue 2022 from the Brown County Dems!

We wish everyone in Wisconsin a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.

Democrats believe everyone deserves the care of community and an equal chance to get ahead. In 2022, we will work hard to elect leaders who are honest and trustworthy and who will work hard to improve the lives of all Wisconsinites. Leaders like Governor Tony Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul, and Representative Kristina Shelton—all of which will be on the ballot in November 2022.

You can now request your absentee ballots for the year at:
myvote.wi.gov/en-us/Vote-Absentee-By-Mail. Do not miss your opportunity to vote for your representatives!

In the August Primary, members will choose a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate race to defeat Ron Johnson. Now more than ever Wisconsin needs to elect a Democratic Senator to pass the agenda a record number of Americans voted for in 2020.

The best way you can help Brown County Democrats succeed in 2022 is by becoming a Blue Crew monthly donor. For $22 a month, Blue Crew donors provide the consistent support we need to build, plan, invest, and win.

Happy new year to all. Let’s make it a Blue 2022!

Your friends at the Brown County Dems

P.s. Photos from our Dems Winter Gala.
Photo credits: Chad Entringer

Would you like to run for office?

2022 is an election year in Brown County. Wisconsin will have Spring elections for local nonpartisan offices. And in the fall, state and federal offices are up for election — which will determine control of the State Legislature and Congress.

Would you like to run for office? That is the question to ask your friends, family and neighbors starting now. The filing deadline for Spring is coming up soon, and Fall candidates are starting their campaigns. Our members are happy to answer questions about what it takes to run a campaign for office. We need leaders like you to step up for democracy. Fill out our candidate interest form to get connected.

Spring Election: Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Primary (if needed): Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Deadline to file: 5pm, January 4, 2022

School Board

Oversees K-12 public education in your school district.

Green Bay School Board 

Unified School District of De Pere School Board

West De Pere School Board 

Howard-Suamico School Board 

Ashwaubenon School Board

County Board

Oversees county budget, which funds local health and human services and community education and recreation in the county.

All Brown County Board of Supervisors are up in Spring 2022, see the map.

Contact the County Clerk for filing instructions: (920) 448-4016, https://www.browncountywi.gov/departments/county-clerk/general-information/email/ 

City and Village Councils

Oversees municipal staff and budgets and guides local development.


Green Bay Common Council – All districts are up for election. Clerk: 920-448-3010, Clerk@greenbaywi.gov.

De Pere Common Council – One alder from each of the four districts are up for election. Clerk: Carey Danen, 920-339-4072 x 1355, cdanen@deperewi.gov.


Howard Village Board – Trustees in District 3 Wards 5-6 (Cathy Hughes), District 4 Wards 7-8 (John Muraski), District 5 Wards 9-10 (Scott Beyer), and District 6 Wards 11-12 (Raymond Suennen). Clerk: Chris Haltom, CHaltom@villageofhoward.com

Ashwaubenon Village Board – Village President is up for election. Clerk: Kris Teske, 920-492-2302, kteske@ashwaubenon.com

Allouez – Village President is up for election. Clerk: Carrie Zittlow, 920-448-2800, ext 111, carrie@villageofallouez.com 

Bellevue Clerk: Pam Cornelius, 920-593-1697

Denmark Clerk: Sherri Konkol, 920-863-6400, sherri@villageofdenmark.com 

Hobart Clerk: Erica Berger, 920-869-3802, erica@hobart-wi.org 

Pulaski Three at-large positions for trustee vs Gordi Black, Bruce Brzeczkowski, and Ed Krause. Clerk: Karen Ostrowski, 920-822-5182, villageclerk@villageofpulaski.org 

Wrightstown Clerk: Michelle Seidl, 920-532-5567 ext 12

Fall Election: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Primary: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Candidates should get ready to file by May 2022

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 8

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) and Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General Josh Kaul (D)

State Treasurer

Secretary of State

State Senate District 1

All State Assembly Districts

County Clerk of Courts 

County Sheriff

We Provide Support to Candidates

Grassroots democracy depends on community members like you stepping up to serve. Thank you for considering the important decision of becoming a candidate! 

If you’re like most first-time candidates that run for office, you probably have questions, concerns, and doubts about your first campaign. Your friends and neighbors at the local Democratic Party are here to support you.

We provide mentorship and a community of support for new candidates who join the party. We help you reach voters and recruit volunteers to power grassroots campaigns. Members of the party get access to our campaign infrastructure—including a login to our voter database, use of our bulk mail permit, a press list, candidate photography, free yard sign wires, event space, and introductions to mentors, volunteers, and donors.

Please connect with us if you’d like to take advantage of any of these opportunities as a candidate. We appreciate your dedication to the community. Thank you for serving!

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about becoming a candidate:

Call or text: 920-405-0455 

Email: Info@browncountydems.com

Visit: www.browncountydems.com/elections 

Fall 2021 Events

The Brown County Dems invite you to one of our fall events to get to know us. For the safety of our community, please be vaccinated and masked.

Monday, November 22, 5-7pm: Candidate Open House

If you are considering running for office, we invite you to one of our fall open house events to ask questions, meet other potential candidates, and chat with current elected officials. In-person at our office at 118 S. Chestnut Ave. Green Bay. Email info@browncountydems.com to RSVP.

Saturday, December 4, 10am: Wisconsin Progress Candidate Training

We have lent our office to Wisconsin Progress, a premier campaign training organization in Wisconsin. You will learn the basics about running a campaign for office. Contact Becky Rasmussen at Wisconsin Progress for more information on attending the training: Becky@WisconsinProgress.org.

Sunday, December 5, 4:30pm – 8pm: Winter Gala

Our Winter Gala held at the Radisson in Green Bay is a great opportunity to meet mentors, volunteers and donors. We will help you coordinate signature collection to get on the ballot in your district. Purchase tickets here by Thanksgiving to reserve your spot.

Statement: Brown County Democrats Call on Rep. Shae Sortwell to Resign Over Alleged Child Abuse

Thursday, November 2, 2021
For immediate release

Green Bay, Wis. – Brown County Democrats call for the resignation of State Assembly Republican Shae Sortwell after allegations of child abuse  were revealed to the public in a Green Bay Press-Gazette report. 

“I am horrified by these allegations and call for Rep. Sortwell’s immediate resignation from the Assembly,” said Renee Gasch, Chair of the Brown County Democrats. “The people of the 2nd Assembly District deserve a representative who, at minimum, they feel is a safe person for them and their family to be around.”

The Press-Gazette reported that Sortwell was referred for felony charges of child abuse in 2013 when four-inch bruises were discovered on his child’s body. He confessed to police that he used an object to beat his child because, according to police records, “the Bible commanded him to strike his children as punishment.” However, no charges were ever brought against the politician who now serves on the Wisconsin Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which has jurisdiction over child abuse laws in the state. 

“Our elected officials need to hold themselves to a higher standard of ethics,” said Gasch. “Unfortunately, these disturbing allegations add to a long and troubling list of ethics concerns against Representative Sortwell.”

Sortwell, who represents West De Pere and Two Rivers in the State Assembly, has violated state ethics rules by blocking constituents from commenting on his official social media accounts. He has also been a boisterous conspiracy theorist in Brown County using his elected position to spread disinformation about the 2020 election and to disseminate anti-vaccine and anti-mask information. 

“Wisconsin children deserve safe homes and bright futures,” said Gasch. “We re-commit to supporting leaders who live by family values.”

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Democrats are working hard to improve child well-being in the state and across the country. Earlier this year, they united to pass a child tax credit that cut child poverty in half. Currently, they are working to add more early education and quality, affordable childcare to benefit all American families. 


Press Contact: Renee Gasch, Chair, Brown County Democrats 920-366-3780

Statement: Brown County Voters Deserve Fair Election Maps

Thursday, October 21, 2021
For immediate release
Contact: Renee Gasch, 920-366-3780

Green Bay, Wis. – The Wisconsin State Legislature released new election maps on Wednesday that once again disenfranchise voters in Brown County and across Wisconsin. The Democratic Party of Brown County calls on the State Legislature to redraw election maps so that Wisconsin voters can choose their representatives freely and fairly.

The newly proposed set of maps deepens the unconstitutional Republican gerrymander started in 2011 by making it mathematically impossible for any other party to win a majority in the Wisconsin State Legislature. Brown County districts that were marginally competitive in the 2011 maps are even less competitive in the new maps. For example, Senate District 30–encompassing parts of the Green Bay Area and Marinette—was redrawn to have a 14 point advantage for Republicans. Assembly District 88, which Democrat Dr. Kristin Lyerly lost by only five points in 2020, was redrawn to have a 12 point Republican advantage. 

“No matter what party you support, you should want Wisconsin elections to be fair and competitive,” said Renee Gasch, Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County. “New candidates should have a fair shot at winning their district and all candidates should have to work hard to earn the votes of Brown County residents.”

Brown County is one of the most gerrymandered areas of Wisconsin. Assembly District 90 in Green Bay, for example, is packed with Democratic voters. The suburbs, which lean Democratic, are carved up and lumped in with heavily Republican rural areas that stretch across several Northeast Wisconsin counties. Despite Brown County’s history as a bipartisan swing region, gerrymandering has enabled Republicans to win all but one Assembly seat in the county plus every State Senate seat.

“Brown County residents deserve fair election maps that respect our community interests,” said Gasch. “We live, work, and play together. We should vote together too. The State Legislature must redraw maps that put the interests of Brown County residents before their own.”

The People’s Maps Commission (PMC), a nonpartisan redistricting watchdog created by Governor Tony Evers, also released a set of maps Wednesday. The PMC maps provide a comparison for voters to see what fair maps look like in Wisconsin.


The Brown County Democrat – Fall 2021 Issue

The Brown County Democrat is a community newspaper featuring news and commentary from members of the Democratic Party of Brown County. 

The Fall 2021 issue features articles on democracy reform, union rights, and candidates declared for the 2022 elections. You can also find helpful peer advice, such as how to make calls to your elected representatives.

The first issue of The Brown County Democrat in Spring 2021 was well received by the community, and the Admin board increased its print run for the fall issue. Volunteers distributed advanced copies at the Brown County Fair, and members will be receiving theirs in the mail this week. You must be a member to receive a copy in the mail—join the party here to get yours.

If you already are a member, will you consider chipping in to fund mailing costs to members that have low access to the Internet?

The name The Brown County Democrat pays tribute to a newspaper first published in the county a century ago. We are proud to keep a local tradition going. Thank you Editor Robbie Phillips for bringing the vision of The Brown County Democrat to life!

We are looking for an editor and contributors for our Spring 2022 issue. Please email info@BrownCountyDems.com to pitch your ideas for articles, artwork, or business advertising (with a $35 donation).

Media Release: Democratic Party of Brown County Donates Wall to Green Bay’s Busker & Mural Festival

For Immediate Release

August 26, 2021

Photo Credit: On Broadway, Inc., the Democratic Party of Brown County, and . Pictured: Claire Erickson (top left) and Dr. Pooja Bambha-Arora (below)

Green Bay, Wis. – Brown County Democrats are pleased to announce their participation in the Mural & Busker Festival happening August 26th – 29th in downtown Green Bay. The party has donated the north wall of its office building at 118 S. Chestnut Avenue to On Broadway and United Art to be live painted during the public art event. 

“We are thrilled to make a donation to public art in Green Bay,” says Renee Gasch, Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County. “It’s a great way to give back to the neighborhood we love and contribute to revitalizing the local small business district.”

Dr. Pooja Bambha-Arora, a local Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant and board member of United Arts, served as project manager for the mural. United Arts is a local group focused on creating opportunities for underrepresented artists in the area. Buskers—live street performers—commissioned by On Broadway will also be set up outside the party office during the art event.

“We need to have inclusion and representation in every decision that we make when it comes to hiring for jobs and reflecting our community in public spaces,” said Dr. Bambha-Arora. As project manager, she interviewed several artists and contracted Claire Erickson to design the mural based on the themes of diversity and democracy. 

Community members and press are invited to come down to the event to see the live art throughout the weekend and help document the mural’s progress. Photography can be posted online using the party’s hashtag #VoteBlueBrownCounty or emailed to info@browncountydems.com

Coinciding with the public art event, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is hosting a Weekend of Action for volunteers to get out into the community and talk to voters. It will be the first time Democratic Party volunteers have knocked doors since the beginning of the pandemic in Spring 2020. Volunteers will be vaccinated and masked; anyone interested in participating can sign up here.

Interviews with the following representatives will be available throughout the weekend outside the building located at 118 S. Chestnut Ave in Green Bay:

Loren Prince, 2nd Vice Chair, Democratic Party of Brown County
Availability: Saturday 10-11am; Phone: (906) 235-0740

Dr. Pooja Bambha-Arora, Project Manager, United Art
Availability: Saturday 12pm to 1pm  
Sunday – 12 to 1pm. 
Phone: (716) 418-0990

Rep. Kristina Shelton, Wisconsin State Assembly (D – Green Bay)
Availability: Sunday 12-12:30 pm; Phone: (303) 883-2482

Following the completion of the mural, the Democratic Party of Brown County will take responsibility for the protection and upkeep of the mural. Members are hosting a small fundraiser for its building fund to cover the expense of maintaining the mural long term. Community members can donate here to support.

The Democratic Party of Brown County acknowledges that its office building resides on Indigenous land and recognizes the sovereignty of the First Nations of Wisconsin, including the local Menominee and Oneida Nations.