Run for School Board. Yes, YOU!

Do you want to defend the common good and make sure all children have access to quality education? You need to run for school board! Despite all the attacks, public education is the last great equalizer in this country and being a school board member means you have the ability to protect that. Some people think schools should be run like a business, but children are not products to be mass produced. They are each unique and require quality schools and educators to nurture their talents. We are looking for people that understand the difference. If this is you, reach out today!

Kristin Lytie
WEAC Region 3

Food Donations Needed

As we all know all too well, Covid-19 has thrown a wrench into 2020. And it’s taken a toll on the DPBC Events schedule. No Spring Fling, no Steak Fry, and no Holiday Party.

Most unfortunately, a consequence of losing the 2020 Holiday Party is losing the food donations collection.

Please, for those of us who can give, consider taking a generous donation to a local food pantry. Some needed items are: vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, oatmeal, sauces. Or bring toiletries, they are always needed.

Your generosity helps fill a bag or box of groceries for individuals and families who are living on the brink of hunger.

I know this year has not been easy. But if we have a job, an income, and a roof over our heads, we have more than many.

People are hungry. Please be generous.

Martha Rendon
Events Chair