ALEC – Right Wing Bill Mill

Nancy Wakefield, Howard ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is really, really scary. It is an organization of conservative state legislators and private sector corporations originally founded by Wisconsin native Paul Weyrich. Weyrich also founded the conservative Heritage Foundation. Corporate representatives craft and share models of state-level legislation for distribution among state governments in the USA. … Read moreALEC – Right Wing Bill Mill

Cómo un programa gubernamental ayudó a mi familia

By J. Brown, Green Bay, WI Me gustaría tomarme un momento para contarles algo que sucedió recientemente en mi vida y cómo un programa gubernamental ayudó a mi familia en los meses pasados. En diciembre, mi madre sufrió un ataque cerebral mientras trabajaba en su escuela en Carolina del Norte. Rápidamente la llevaron al hospital … Read moreCómo un programa gubernamental ayudó a mi familia

What to Believe about Medicare-for-All

  By Lynn Gerlach, Green Bay Remember when Donald Trump said that “Nobody knew how complicated healthcare is”? We snickered, because we’d been through the long ACA struggle some years ago with the Obama administration. In fact, it is unlikely most of us truly appreciate the confusing advantages and disadvantages or even the plausibility of … Read moreWhat to Believe about Medicare-for-All